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Subscribe to RSS Feed 10/29/08 - BrightWave Marketing CEO to Present, Lead Panel at eMarketing Association Event and Sign New Book at AiMA Event
BrightWave Marketing announced that CEO Simms Jenkins will speak at the eMarketing Associationís eM8 conference in Atlanta, in addition to leading and participating in two panel discussions. Read the full press release. 9/10/08 - Understanding E-Mail Marketing with Simms Jenkins
I sat down with Catalyst Magazine's Drew Ermenc to discuss the book and explain the basics behind email marketing to reach your current and future customers. 8/26/08 - Book Signing with Martha Rogers & Bill Price
This morning at the Return2Customer conference in Atlanta (kudos to Art Hall for putting together an impressive event) I was signing copies of The Truth About Email Marketing alongside the closest thing the marketing world has to a rock star - Martha Rogers of Peppers & Rogers fame. She was signing her new book as was Bill Price. Most people were lined up to get Martha's book (as was I) but I was honored to be at the same table. 8/22/08 - Don't Forget the Customer/Event/Book Signing
I will be speaking next week in Atlanta at the Return2Customer 2008 which has an impressive agenda, great lineup of speakers and very appropriate name.

If you are in Atlanta or up for a quick but educating trip, be sure to attend. I will be signing some books as well as giving some away. If you don't care about my book, you should be interested in Martha Rogers (of Peppers & Rogers fame) and Bill Price as they will be signing books as well during the Tuesday 10:00 AM Break.

Martha Rogers, Ph. D, of Peppers & Rogers will be on hand promoting their new book "Rules to Break & Laws to Follow: How Your Business Can Beat the Crisis of Short-Termism". Bill Price is the author of The Best Service is No Service.

Sounds like a great event.

Date: August 26-27, 2008
Location: Villa Christina - Atlanta, GA 8/22/08 - Podcast Series - The Truth About Email Marketing - Part 1
Through my speaking engagements, business meetings and networking, I have the benefit of meeting some really interesting and smart people. I recently had the good fortune of being introduced to Mike Moran, a fellow author, IBM Distinguished Engineer and expert in various Internet technologies. Mike's Blog (Biznology Blog by Mike Moran Where Business and Technology Come Together) is among the highest ranked blogs by Ad Age.

We recently sat down to discuss my book, the email marketing world and trends and predictions for a 3 part podcast series.

The first part is available here. I hope you enjoy it as I thought Mike asked some great questions and was a silky smooth host.

BrightWave Marketing CEO Simms Jenkins discusses key concepts from his book, "The Truth About Email Marketing," with IBM Distinguished Engineer Mike Moran in this 3-part series. Learn best practices and bite-size, easy-to-use techniques that get results.

Check out Mike's posting about the podcast on his blog. 8/13/08 - The Official Release Announcement on the book read about it here. 8/07/08 - I have had the pleasure to do some recent interviews with some of emailís best and brightest. By the way, the book is now in stock with Amazon and the publisher's bookstore. Expect it everywhere where books are sold in the next week or so. 7/23/08 - On the Campaigner Connect Blog, The Truth About Email Marketing is highlighted as is Simms Jenkins' approach on how to treat email subscribers. "For an email marketer, treating your subscribers as VIPs, as Simms Jenkins, author of The Truth About Email Marketing, points out, is a guiding principle that can help ensure success"
Read more 7/01/08 - Fortune 50 email marketer, Andrew Kordek, commented on The Truth book today in his Scrappy Email Marketer blog."I gave it the good scrappy email marketer once over and found the book to be fascinating for anyone involved in this industry. I donít care if you are brand new, wearing the email hat or a seasoned veteren in this business, this is a must read." Continue Reading 6/25/08 - I am pleased to announce that the final proofing and production stages of the book are complete and the book goes to press next week. Expect to see it in bookstores across the country on Friday Aug. 1. Of course, you can pre-order online now via the links on the home page at any major online bookstore.

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