The Truth About Email Marketing
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Email Marketing Return on Investment - Wednesday, May 19, 2010
The 60 Second Marketer discusses "The Truth About Email Marketing"

The 60 Second Marketer - July 15th, 2009
The 60 Second Marketer Reviews "The Truth About Email Marketing"

BrightWave Marketing - October 29, 2008
BrightWave Marketing CEO to Present, Lead Panel at eMarketing Association Event and Sign New Book at AiMA Event
BrightWave Marketing announced that CEO Simms Jenkins will speak at the eMarketing Association's eM8 conference in Atlanta, in addition to leading and participating in two panel discussions.

Catalyst - September 10, 2008
Nothing But the Truth: New Titles from "Truth About" Series
Simms Jenkins, author of "The Truth About EMail Marketing," sits down with Catalyst Magazine's Drew Ermenc to explain the basics behind this affordable way to reach your current and future customers. Listen to it here.

BUSINESS WIRE - August 13, 2008
Understanding E-Mail Marketing with Simms Jenkins
The Official Release Announcement on the book – read about it here.

Email Marketing Reports - August 6, 2008
Strategies, goals and quick wins: expert interview
Simms is CEO of email marketing services firm, BrightWave Marketing, the brains behind and a columnist for iMediaConnection. He has a particularly strong understanding of organizational and strategic issues. - August 1, 2008
The Truth About Email Marketing
There's a chapter about CAN-SPAM in it and a lot of other stuff about best practices for email marketing.

Email Experience Council – August 1, 2008
Books on Email Marketing by eec Members
There are many good books about email marketing out there including some written by eec members. We've highlighted a couple of those books on our new Books on Email Marketing page on the eec site including the new book by Simms Jenkins, The Truth about Email Marketing.

Email Marketing Reports - August 1, 2008
Email marketing books
The fact that the Financial Times Press is publishing this new book says a lot about how far the industry has come. Simms Jenkins covers the main issues that support successful email marketing strategy and execution. Particularly valuable for those in larger corporate marketing departments, but it's for the rest of us, too.

Reading with Celeste - July 25, 2008
Simms Jenkins:The Truth About E-Mail Marketing
Simms is interviewed by the widely followed, Reading With Celeste blog.

The Email Experience Council Blog - July 25, 2008
The Truth about Email Marketing: Q&A with Simms Jenkins
Chad White interviews author Simms Jenkins in the eec's blog.

Campaigner Connect Blog - July 23, 2008
The Truth About Email Marketing
"For an email marketer, treating your subscribers as VIPs, as Simms Jenkins, author of The Truth About Email Marketing, points out, is a guiding principle that can help ensure success"

The Scrappy Email Marketer - July 1, 2008
The Truth About Email Marketing
"I gave it the good scrappy email marketer once over and found the book to be fascinating for anyone involved in this industry. I don’t care if you are brand new, wearing the email hat or a seasoned veteren in this business, this is a must read."

BeRelevant - May 15, 2008
Links for 2008-05-15
"New book on email marketing written by one of the industry experts: Simms Jenkins. Don't forget to check out the resource center!" - May 14, 2008
New email marketing book
"...the book is not simply another nuts and bolts how-to, but addresses many wider aspects such as organizational strategy, outsourcing, etc."

Indianapolis, IN - May 14, 2008
Simms Jenkins To Tell The Truth About Email Marketing For Pearson Education's FT Press
Author is Founder/CEO of BrightWave Marketing

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