The Truth About Email Marketing
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The email marketing world has many great minds and as a result excellent blogs, websites and newsletters. Below are some of my most frequented web based stops as I look to my peers for learnings, case studies and ideas.

2 places that provide a great starting point are both from, the preferred home page for many in the email marketing industry (it should be noted that the site's publisher was a contributor in The Truth About Email Marketing). The site has noted some of the best thought leaders, newsletters and blogs which make it easier for you to decide where to dive in.

Now on to some of my recommendations:


Email Experience Council - The DMA's email arm has an interactive site with surveys, white papers, reports and a good

Email Marketing Reports - Where I send marketing professionals looking for a catalog of email resources. - The place to find any email related metric or kill a few hours perusing the plethora of email stats.

eMarketer - Interesting statistics and more covering many interactive topics, including email marketing.

MarketingSherpa - Case studies, case studies and more case studies, with a strong emphasis on email marketing.

It should be noted that all of the above have their own free email newsletters and I would recommend subscribing to all.


BtoB Email Marketer Insight - Tips and news related to business to business email marketing. - A nice collection of various email marketing focused newsletters from copywriting to deliverability.

Direct Magazine - Magilla Marketing is widely followed and known for its blunt take on the email marketing industry. - Featuring a daily interactive marketing newsletter that often features strong email content (including my own articles). Email Insider - High level email pros give you their take on issues of the day.


There are dozens of email marketing related blogs, but these are my personal favorites that I continue to visit. Explore for yourself, as new and intelligent blogs are seemingly added every week to the blogosphere.

BeRelevant - A one stop collection of the most relevant articles, case studies and more.

The BrightWave Blog - My take on things that are not headlines in the email world but just as meaningful.

Denise Cox's Blog - email matters - Views from a European email executive.

Email Days - Often a unique view into the growing pains and successes of an email marketing firm.

Email Marketing Insight - An email veteran offers up trends and tips.

Email Marketing Strategy - A high level view on the big picture and how it impacts email marketing and professionals who practice it.

The Email Wars - Strong opinions on email campaigns, trends and technology.

MineThatData - The approach is multi-channel and the take on email is often contrarian.

No man is an iland - Often updated with the latest opinions, news and links covering the email world so you don't have to.

RetailEmail.Blogspot - For anyone that works for a retailer, this is a great website that tracks email campaigns of the top retailers, plus interesting reports.

The Thinking Inbox - Often covering less covered areas like transactional emails and RSS

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