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"It's refreshing to see an author address specifics instead of gloss over generalities that can be boiled down to one sentence. Simms' book debunks the top email marketing myths in a readable and logical fashion."
- Tad Clarke, Editorial Director, MarketingSherpa Inc.

"Anyone interested in maximizing their marketing budgets should stop what they are doing and read this book. Simms' deep experience in email marketing is widely evident in this very insightful and fact-filled book. Great insight into an area of marketing that is often overlooked. Plus, its a fun, easy read, especially for us marketers!"
- Jeff Hilimire, President, Engauge Digital

"Simms has a great knack for simplifying the complex world of email. From the Novice Email Marketer to the Email Aficionado, The Truth about Email Marketing provides insight and thought provoking content that all of us can use in our email and online marketing efforts."
- Aaron Kahlow, CEO & Founder, Online Marketing Summit

"Simms Jenkins expertly outlines a series of useful "Truths" to ensure effective and highly optimized, permission-based email marketing programs. Take advantage of Mr. Jenkins battle scars and set yourself on a direct course that unleashes the power of this important marketing channel."
- Sam Cece, Chief Executive Officer, StrongMail Systems

"Doing email marketing right requires a lot more than coming up with a good offer and hitting the "send" button. Simms understands the unique challenges and nuances that practitioners face, and shares many valuable insights and best practices in The Truth About Email Marketing that can immediately benefit any reader's email program."
- Jordan Cohen, Senior Director of Industry Relations, Goodmail Systems

"Simms provides not only thought leadership and insight for the true marketing professional, but he also gives the marketing novice a playbook for success in e-mail marketing"
- Michael Kogon, CEO Definition 6

"Simms Jenkins is an extremely well respected expert in the realm of email marketing. In this book, he provides practical guidance to help you execute strategic email marketing programs. This is a must read for anyone involved with an email marketing campaign!"
- Dave Williams, Co-Founder, 360i

"Simms Jenkins is a highly respected industry leader. He covers all of the important and essential elements of any successful email marketing program, in a simple, easy to understand manner. The Truth About Email Marketing is a recommended read for any marketer looking to understand the best practices and proven tactics around email marketing."
- Greg Cangialosi, CEO, Blue Sky Factory, Inc

"In The Truth About Email Marketing, Simms Jenkins uses plain language to explain the intricacies involved in managing a profitable and respected email marketing program. Jenkins articulates the strategies and tactics that help even skeptical customers trust email marketing as part of a robust multichannel marketing strategy. This book is a "must read" for any marketer wishing to have a respectful and profitable dialogue with customers."
- Kevin Hillstrom, President, MineThatData and blogger

"Simms gives us the whole truth and nothing but the truth in this fascinating book about email marketing."
- Andrew I. Kordek, Manager, Email Marketing Transformation, Fortune 50 Company

"To have had the chance as an early adopter of integrated email marketing practices working with Simms Jenkins starting more than five years ago, I can say that any corporate or non-profit marketing professional who learns The Truth about Email Marketing will not only reap results from the wisdom of anti-spam, they'll have the assurance of doing what's right in a fully informed way. In those five years of first-hand observation of the 'opt-in' culture, I found that whether your audience is local, national or regional, the most reliable book on accountable, ethical and effective email campaigns is the one written by Simms Jenkins."
- Richard S. Kadzis, CAE, CoreNet Global

"The Truth About Email Marketing is an amazingly simple yet detailed guide for newbie marketers or seasoned veterans who want to best leverage one of the most powerful communication vehicles of our time."
- Joe Koufman, president of the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AiMA)

Social marketing guru & New York Times Best Seller Chris Brogan does a video review of The Truth About Email Marketing.
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