The Truth About Email Marketing
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The Truth About Series offers the collected and distilled knowledge on a topic and shows you how you can use this knowledge in your daily life. With an 'aha' on every page, information is presented in a clear and accessible style that the reader can easily reference.

Written in short chapters, each book aims to cover an entire field of knowledge, cut to the gist of each subject in an entertaining way, and when necessary, pull the curtain back and pop the bubble of commonly-held assumptions. Each Truth is a tool to make you more successful.

Books in the series cover need-to-know topics: evergreen, non-trendy issues people face in their professional, financial, and personal lives. Authors are carefully selected authorities with extensive knowledge and experience in the area they are writing about. Aiming to provide readers with information not based on personal views or biased research, these authors have culled through the literature and discovered information about important topics that readers need to know and likely haven't heard before - providing "the truth" about the topic.

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